About Us

California Birth Certificate is an innovative platform offering access to vital records services online. 

At California Birth Certificate, we take pride in our highly customer-centric experience. We are dedicated to providing affordable, efficient, smart and secure access to records and services that every person is entitled to. Customer service is a top priority for us, as we understand the difficulty of navigating the ordering process of birth certificates.

What you get from us:

Customer Service

The vast majority of people begin their vital records interaction online; we are here to set a positive tone and stay with you from beginning to end.

Vital Records

The certificates you receive while utilizing our portal are issued by the government agency or jurisdiction holding that particular record. Many sites will charge you unreasonable fees for a form that you could otherwise obtain for free. Other sites will merely pass your information along to another legitimate third-party service, also for unreasonable fees and no added value.


Our pricing for basic service is $15. Each agency or jurisdiction charges an additional fee for the record or service, which is usually between $5-$35. There are no hidden fees. You will be provided with a full breakdown of fees prior to placing the order, and again on your receipt page.


Why drive to stand in line for potentially hours, or order by mail, when you can order online from the comfort of your own home whenever you want? For most, there is no readily available option that’s faster or more convenient than ordering from us.


Our site is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. The information we receive is protected by multiple layers of firewalls and encryption. Our staff’s access to this information is channeled through secure VPN connections, firewalls and all other available security measures. For more information on this, please visit our privacy policy.

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